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The UCLM is a young university. From its foundation, twenty five years ago, the UCLM has grown at high rate attracting qualified human resources and providing the people in the region with high educational skills.

The UCLM is the only University in Castilla-La Mancha region (Convergence Objetive One), it has nowadays six Campuses where the group of permanent professors and the visiting professors work together in both teaching and research, increasingly achieving greater success in European, national, and regional programmes of scientific research and technological development.

The UCLM has two peculiar features: a) it is multi-disciplinary, undertaking work in practically all branches of knowledge; and b) its activities are very wide-ranging, embracing the spectrum from basic research to technological development.

Promoting collaborations between industry and academia and favouring the dissemination of technological advances are part of our University's missions, demonstrating the strong commitment the UCLM has with the productive sectors of the region. The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office is the structure within the University that strongly collaborates in this task.