TWI Ltd (UK)


A Network of Technology and Quality

We are a private and independent organization, founded in 1965, offering technical inspection, training and consultancy services, supported by research and development activities and by accredited laboratories.

The creation of partnerships with public and private enterprises, as well as diversification of our activities, results from our commitment to offer high quality service.

Our activities are rooted in a constant growth of knowledge and technology with a view to offering our clients and partners the best global solutions, and those which are most suited to their needs.

Our growth strategy involves an ever larger sustainable presence in the world, with offices, delegations and associated companies in Angola, Algeria, Brazil, China, Cuba, Spain, French Guiana, Iran, Mexico, Norway and Turkey.

It is ISQ's mission to contribute to the constant improvement of Portuguese industry and services, resulting in an expanded international presence, by collaborating with the state, regional councils and businesses with regard to the sharing and development of technology, new products and processes, structured management practices and quality control, hygiene and safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, and systematic maximization of human resources.

ISQ, the largest Portuguese technical inspection and tests organization.