TWI Ltd (UK)


Feldman's core business is to provide NDT related research to industry all over Europe. Most of the company's customers are from the Petrochemical Industry but it recently has expanded to other industrial sectors including transportation and wind energy. NDT services provided by Level II technicians include Radiography, Eddy currents, Magnetic and Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonics, Magnetic Flux Leakage, ACFM, LRUT, EMAT UT, IRIS, TOFD, Phased Array UT and rope Access NDT.

Metallographic testing is provided, either destructive using electron microscopy or non destructive replica testing. Level III services are provided by personnel familiar with international standards.

The company has been involved in the evaluation of mechanical equipment of refineries on behalf of purchasing customers. Feldman provides advanced research and services in predictive maintenance of rotating and reciprocating machinery. The company undertakes the development of

AE-based sensing systems coupled with dedicated data analysis software according to each individual customer's specific needs.