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ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in the renewables sector. The company has taken on the mission of demonstrating the technical and economic viability of a new energy model based on criteria of sustainability.

It is present in the main clean energies, in line with their different levels of maturity and profitability. The company focuses its activities on wind power, in which it is the largest developer and constructor of windparks in the world.

It is also present in other electric power generation technologies based on renewable energy sources - solar thermal, photovoltaic, and biomass - and the manufacture of wind turbines (designed in-house) and the production and marketing of biofuels. It also has cogeneration assets.

The company carries out renewables projects for itself and for other customers, based on 20 years experience of leadership in the sector. It has one of the biggest and most qualified workforces in the clean energy field: over 2,200 people.

It is present in more countries than its competitors (15), in more renewable technologies (8) and throughout the wind power value chain, from the design and manufacture of wind turbines to the marketing of power and the sale of emission allowances. The company also offers a wide range of products and services for investors interested in different renewables projects, based on its extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

The solidity of a great group

The energy division of ACCIONA aimed at sustainable development and social well-being. ACCIONA is a homogeneous and integrated business group focused on high added value operations that enable it to create synergies and make profitable investments in strategic sectors.