International conference on production technology, materials, monitoring and testing for wind turbine blade manufacture will be held at the Maritim Hotel in Düsseldorf from 7-9 December 2010.

With expanding alternative energy markets worldwide, wind farms are extending offshore and onshore, leading to an increasing demand for turbines and blades. The size of turbines is also growing, which gives new challenges to blade manufacturers. This conference aims to bring together workers from the wind turbine industry, design engineers, composites manufacturing experts, materials suppliers, equipment suppliers and end users of blades, to discuss the latest challenges from design, materials and composites processing, to qualification and testing. As with other new energy markets, the cost per unit needs to be reduced to make the technology more sustainable.

Please click on the link below to see the conference programme (the registration form is on page 4): Turbine Blade Manufacture2010.pdf

If you send your form before 20th October 2010, you will save EUR 100* on the registration fee.

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